Recruiting can come with many hurdles including how long the process can be! But what if we told you that your whole recruitment process could be DRASTICALLY sped up and streamlined?

Surprise…it can!

After struggling with the downfalls of standard hiring processes, our founder, Nicky Jones, set out to create an innovative platform that improved how businesses hire. Not only to save you time but to ensure the right person was hired for the job the first time around, saving you money and increasing employee retention rates.

Through 3 easy steps we can help you hire quicker than ever before:

1. Pre-interview video
Our platform encourages users to upload a short pre-interview introductory video to help introduce themselves in a way that a standard CV struggles to convey. This process benefits both employers and candidates. Employers are able to efficiently shortlist based on cultural fit as opposed to who looks to be a good fit on paper. For candidates, it’s a chance to demonstrate who you really are, showcase your capabilities and get your personality across rather than you being just a few bullet points on a CV.

2. Work with a recruiter
On Vidu, not only can you search through a pool of strong candidates reactive to a new opportunity, but we also offer a series of packages including VIP. With VIP, we really take the reins in your search to free up your time to focus on other areas of the business. We publish the vacancy on your behalf, create a shortlist and present the best candidates back to you – saving you time and reducing recruitment costs!

If you require a more dedicated search, we also offer an Executive Search Service where we commence a full headhunt of the industry for your ideal candidate using our expansive network of contacts built up over the past 25 years.

Our services can be tailored to your needs and we’re always happy to help where we can!

3. Use an innovative platform (such as Vidu)
Where’s the fun in searching for candidates on a platform that isn’t evolving with the times and implementing new solutions to make recruitment smooth sailing? We have the skills and technology to make the lives of your recruitment team easier – and not only are we innovative but also award-winning!

If you want to reduce recruitment time/costs AND increase employee retention rates, then the answers are right in front of you! Working with Vidu can cut time spent recruiting by 65% and reduce applicant replacement by 75%…the numbers really do the talking!

To start your Vidu recruitment journey, get in touch today via our website

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