With the school holidays and ‘out of offices’ now a thing of the past, September tends to be a very popular month for shaking things up career-wise. If you’re looking to change sector for your next role and feel ready for a new challenge, then the logistics industry could be the right place for you.

Logistics is integral to virtually every aspect of modern society. Without it, there would be food and fuel shortages, products and resources wouldn’t be delivered on time… in short, it would be complete and utter chaos. Every company under the sun uses logistics, so the opportunities are quite literally everywhere!

We’ve rounded up 5 of the key reasons to pursue a career in logistics, so have a read through and get in touch to start your journey:

1. The sector is always growing

The logistics sector has experienced outstanding growth over recent years, with this set to continue into the future. Every retail organisation has a supply chain and with e-commerce also on the rise, this industry shows no signs of slowing down.

2. There are plenty of job opportunities

With impressive growth comes abundant opportunity! As the sector continues to grow and is so integral to the vast majority of businesses, you can expect to find a huge number of job roles which need filling at any given time.

3. No two days are the same

A role in the logistics centre can often entail the opportunity for frequent travel – both within the UK and overseas. As such, the day-to-day work is pretty varied and can provide the opportunity to meet and liaise with a number of different faces.

4. The sense of real responsibility

A logistician is responsible for ensuring that the RIGHT product is delivered to the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time! Many people in the supply chain will be relying on you to make sure the job is done correctly, which means that your hard work and diligence will have a real impact.

5. The opportunity for progression

The logistics industry is a known advocate of ‘home grown’ talent and, as such, will often be looking to hire and promote from within. This means that the sector offers plenty of opportunities for career progression, setting you up for a job you can really sink your teeth into for a lifetime!

If you’re now feeling inspired to pursue a career in logistics, create your Vidu profile today and we’ll give you the tools to get out there and show employers just what you’re made of!

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