If you’re reading this, hopefully you have secured an interview for a new role, so huge congratulations! Your interview is probably coming up soon so, to give yourself the best chance of success it is crucial that you are well prepared – yes you can try and wing it but it’s more than likely that you won’t secure the job and it will be a wasted opportunity… (remember, hiring managers are conducting these interviews every day!)

To help you prepare, we’ve put together 5 steps to give you a better chance of delivering the best possible interview!

1. Research the company
There is every chance that during the interview you will be asked a question that references the company, whether that’s asking what their values are or how the business is structured – it is SO important that you have done your research on your potential new employer!

This is a step you can’t really wing, spend time on their website and social channels so that when you are asked a company-related question, you can give a strong answer that will impress the interviewer.

2. Wear appropriate clothing
It is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed even if it’s a virtual interview! Regardless of what the dress code is in the office, you should always come dressed in suitable interview attire. Not only does it show your level of professionalism but dressing for the part will put you in the right frame of mind throughout the interview.

If you aren’t sure what you’re expected to wear, ask! There is absolutely no harm in sending a follow-up email asking if there is anything specific you need to prepare for the interview and whether there is a dress code. But as we said earlier, it is always best to be over-dressed!

3. Be punctual
The time you arrive will set the tone for the rest of the interview, if you’re early/on time you have demonstrated a useful skill before the interview starts! If you’re late, well that won’t be very well received…

Of course, you can’t be blamed for traffic or unprecedented delays BUT it is always better to give yourself more time to travel to your interview. If you arrive promptly with time to spare you will be calm and collected whereas if you’re rushing in, you’ll no doubt be frantic and not in the best headspace to give a good interview.

4. Be aware of your body language
This can be an easy step to overlook, but it will be something that your interviewer is very mindful of, especially if you are interviewing for a customer-facing role! You will give away a lot with your body language, even if you aren’t saying anything…

TOP TIP: don’t cross your arms or slump back in your seat.

5. Prepare questions
As the interview draws to a close, you will no doubt be asked ‘any questions?’ Even if your initial response is no, don’t say no!

Ahead of your interview, prepare a handful of questions to ask your interviewer – remember that even though they are interviewing you for their open role, you are also interviewing them to determine whether or not it is a business you would like to work for!

If you’re struggling to come up with post-interview questions, 3 strong questions you can ask are:
1. What are the business growth objectives in the next 12 months?
2. What are you looking for in a successful candidate?
3. Is there anything I haven’t been able to demonstrate for you during this interview

If you have these 5 steps rehearsed and nailed down, you’ll no doubt give a great interview!

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