Social media is more than idle chatter when you’re in the job market.

People looking for a new job often shudder when they think of their prospective employer deep diving into their social media.

The pictures of Ibiza, the stag do and the impetuous post at 3 a.m. are invariably looked back on with embarrassment.

But we’re all human.

And in today’s job market, you’re going to be seen, and sometimes judged, on your social exploits. Though, of course you can always hit the ‘hide post’ option.

A recent Harris Poll has highlighted some interesting facts about the importance of social media in the recruitment market. The big statistic worth noting is that 57% of employers are less likely to interview a candidate who they can’t find online.

Social media counts. It adds the extra dimension to a CV. Bringing to life the character and personality of each candidate.

In fact, the majority of companies admitted that they’d be suspicious of a candidate with no social media presence.

You can see why an interview is unlikely.

Rosemary Haefner, chief HR officer at CareerBuilder, the company behind the survey, concluded:

“Most workers have some sort of online presence today—and more than half of employers won’t hire those without one.”

Online recruitment platform Vidu encourages candidates to cultivate a positive social profile. Its unique interface enables candidates to include a snapshot of their online activity as part of their personal profile.

It enables candidates to really stand out in their job search.

The benefits to employers are just as significant. Cyber-vetting, the practice of researching potential candidates online, is one of the primary ways companies find the right match for a vacancy. With Vidu, most of that process is already completed by candidates—saving hugely on research time. (Typically, a large company will have a dedicated person whose sole job is to check candidates’ social media profiles).

Another unsurprising stat: the screening of candidates’ social media by employers has risen from 11% in 2006, to over 70% today.

It’s fair to say that most people in today’s job market are savvy enough to recognise that cultivating a more professional digital profile has become a vital part of a job search.

By integrating social as well as video content to its users’ profiles, Vidu challenges the status quo. The brand has taken a massive stride forward in revitalising the traditional recruitment market.

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