As increasing costs put the squeeze on businesses and consumers, and everyone looks to maximise their returns, the demands on companies to deliver faster and better are on a steep rise. You need to have top talent in your team to make sure you stay ahead of the competition and keep meeting growing customer expectations.

But there’s one major problem with the best: everyone wants it.

Candidates with specialist skill sets are sought-after and it can be a highly competitive market. Even if you have a great opportunity and are prepared to offer an excellent package to attract the right person, it can be a struggle to find and hire someone who’s the perfect fit for your open position.

So as an employer, how can you make sure you secure the candidate everyone’s after?

That’s where a recruitment agency can give you the crucial advantage because it can act as a third party matchmaker, with an in-depth knowledge of both sides – employer and candidate –which allows them to pinpoint that elusive good fit.

Finding and hiring the right person for a job isn’t just about pairing up experience and skills with a specific vacant role. It’s about far more than qualification box ticking. It’s important that any potential new employee is aligned with the culture of the company too; that there’s a synergy between their aspirations and approach and those of the team they could be about to join.

A recruitment agency will take the time to get to know your company so you don’t waste time and resources pursuing candidates who appear to be perfect on paper but turn out to be unsuitable in person.

At Vidu, we pride ourselves on bridging that all important gap between traditional recruiter and employer via our pre-introductory videos. Our processes allow businesses to tap into that special element of matching candidates to roles and businesses most suited to them and their skills.

Using a recruitment agency means you meet with only high-calibre candidates who’ve already been assessed and interviewed to make sure they meet all your criteria. The added value of partnering with a recruitment agency also comes in being able to tap into a far deeper pool of talent. Some of the best candidates could be hiding in plain sight – the passive talent.

They may not necessarily be actively seeking a new role, so an in-house recruitment process wouldn’t manage to attract them. An agency is likely to have a far greater awareness of who’s out there, and what exactly they might be looking for in their next job move. What would it take to get them to move to your company? They can deploy that network of contacts in your favour, so even the elusive top talent with a hard-to-find skill set becomes accessible.

Attracting, recruiting and retaining high-quality candidates is more difficult in today’s job market, where the competition is so high, so it’s all about having an efficient, effective approach to make the right hire.

Treat the task of talent acquisition in the way you would any other crucial role in the company and trust it to an expert – you want the right people with the right skills working for you.

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