First things first, congratulations on securing your second interview! You’re one step closer to securing a new job. One way to give yourself the best chance of success is by being as prepared as possible – the worst thing you could do right now is become complacent and expect the job to be yours without putting in the work…

There are a few tips and tricks to consider when preparing for your second interview, so keep reading to uncover how you can leave a *positive* lasting impression that will put you in the running for either the next step in the interview process or the job!

1. Review notes from your first interview

You’ve already performed a standout interview so you just need to bring the same energy the second time around! Review any notes you made during the first interview, this might be the questions they asked or any insights they gave you into the role/company.

2. Research your interviewers

There’s a chance you might have the same interviewers but some new faces could be thrown into the mix. Have a look on LinkedIn or the company website to find out a bit more about who will be conducting the second interview, this will help steer the type of questions you ask at the end.

3. Refresh your memory about the company

You already have this information stored somewhere in your brain, but it’s a good idea to give yourself a refresher on the company – especially if you are interviewing for a few roles. Don’t get caught out on the simple questions, make sure you know the specifics of what the company does, its values, and a good understanding of what your role would be within the business.

4. Be aware of the agenda/testing

For the second interview, there might be a new structure or a different setup to the first time around – this will most likely be clearly set out in an email to help you prepare but if you’re unsure or would benefit from more clarity/guidance, there really is no harm in sending a follow-up email or a quick call to HR.

5. Prepare answers specifically related to your skills/abilities

Now that you’re through to the second interview, they know who you are and your personality, the next step in the interview process will be more refined and include more of a focus on your specific skills and abilities. Even if you’re extremely confident in your capabilities, preparing answers to even the most simple questions is a helpful exercise just so you don’t get caught off guard! Sometimes these types of questions are the hardest to answer!!

6. Prepare fresh questions to ask at the end of the interview

There is no doubt that you will be asked if you have any questions and the same rules apply, do not say no – prepare a fresh set of questions for the second interview! You could ask the interviewers more about their roles and what they like about working at the business or maybe something more specific to your future role.

At the end of the day, you have already impressed the interviewers enough to be given a second interview so make sure to apply the same approach and bring the same energy and knowledge at every step in the interview process! Good luck!

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