In the ever-changing digital world, it is important that you know how to adapt and apply your previous interview skills to virtual or video interviews.

It is becoming increasingly common to conduct interviews/the first stages of the interview process virtually. Logistically, it’s so much more efficient and means you can speak to a wider pool of candidates!

Video interview variations

There are two different ways that organisations can conduct their interviews virtually – live or pre-recorded. 

Live: a live interview will follow the same structure and format as a traditional face-to-face interview but virtual…The interview will be held on a platform such as Zoom, Teams or Google Meet and the format will be pretty similar to previous experiences you’ve had. This means that you should still treat the interview with the same formality – dress smart and do your prep!  

Pre-recorded: this style of interview won’t require you to speak to a person so could feel a bit bizarre if you’ve never been interviewed this way before. You’ll be asked questions on screen and then you’ll reply via video – there is typically a time limit so it can feel as if the pressure is on. There is also no undo, just one take! This style suits employers that have a large pool of candidates, but will be less personable and not as natural!

How to succeed in a virtual interview

Choose your location 

Regardless of the fact that the interview is virtual, your location is an important consideration! A tidy background and a quiet location will ensure the interview runs smoothly without distractions or interruptions. Good lighting is also important – you want the interviewer to be able to clearly see you!

Dress appropriately 

Nobody expects you to be in a 3-piece suit or a gown, but we recommend dressing smart and making yourself presentable. A virtual interview puts limitations on how well an interviewer can get to know you so it’s important that you consider what you are wearing. We also advise staying clear of noisy patterns that might cause a distraction.

Body language 

It can be easy to forget that you’re being watched – especially if you’re on video. Make sure to be mindful of how you’re sitting and interacting. We recommend making good eye contact, smile occasionally and actively listen to the interviewer.

Trial the tech 

The success of the interview taking place depends on the technology! If the interview is taking place on a platform you’re not familiar with or don’t have downloaded, it can be helpful to have a trial run to put yourself at ease. If there is a certain WIFI dead zone in your house, avoid having the interview in that spot – strong WIFI connections only!

If you take on board our recommendations, you’ll ace your video interview! With anything, practice is the most important element that will help you stand out amongst other candidates.

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