In the ever-changing recruitment landscape, you might be wondering what skills logistics employers are ACTUALLY looking for…are they specific, soft, transferable?

There are of course role-specific skills that are necessary for certain jobs BUT it is predicted for 2023, recruiters will shift even more toward soft skills which could open up a lot of different opportunities for candidates!

Let’s dive into several soft skills that you probably possess but have maybe never considered *that* relevant before…

1. Resilience

This might be a skill that doesn’t instantly spring to mind when considering what to include on a job application or cv. It’s also a skill that many of us would have learned, whether that is in a work environment or in our personal life.

When evidencing resilience, it would be preferable to use experiences you’ve had in your career but recruiters are humans too, and recognise that we all have lives outside of work and skills gained elsewhere don’t make them any less valuable.

A few examples to consider:

  • How well do you cope with stressful situations or when something goes wrong?
  • Do you have the ability to reflect on how far you’ve come rather than dwelling on lack of progress?
  • Can you identify when you don’t have the skills to succeed, but seek mentorship or extra learning?

2. Communication

A skill that you will use every day of your life and more importantly a skill that recruiters look for in the majority of sectors!

Even if you are switching up your career path, or maybe don’t have specific communication examples, there will always be a scenario that you can reflect on to show how you can successfully communicate both across written and spoken methods.

A big chunk of communication also involves your ability to listen and process information – something you will have been doing your entire life!

A few examples to consider:

  • Public speaking/presentations
  • Written content – email, blogs, PR/social media
  • Active listening and comprehension
  • Ability to negotiate or communicate with various stakeholders

3. Adaptability

Again, a skill that you have most likely used time and time again without even realising! There are so many times in life when we have to adapt, whether that is by choice or not…

When applying to a new job, recruiters will want to know that you are able to adapt to the needs of the business, whether that’s during a restructuring of the business/your role or a wider needed skill.

Being able to demonstrate your adaptability skills will showcase to employers how you handle challenges, and even how you take to learning new skills and settling into new departments/building relationships with colleagues/new management, etc.

A few examples to consider:

  • Learning a new process or taking on a new role and responsibility.
  • A time when you have faced a challenging scenario and how you adapted to overcome it.
  • How did you adapt to new working environments or challenges over the pandemic?

All of the skills above are great examples to include in a job application – it all just comes down to how you reflect on those experiences and what they have taught you. If you struggle to get these across on a written CV, you’re in luck! Vidu gives you the ability to demonstrate your skills and experience via video.

Are you ready for a new challenge? Create a free profile on Vidu and access recruiters from all over the world and find your new role!

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