Social media gives away great insights into your personality. But do you want a prospective employer sneaking around your social posts?

If you’re a job seeker, it’s inevitable that your social media will be checked out as part of an employer’s magic carpet ride through your personal life.

The impression your online ‘footprint’ leaves can be pretty revealing. And not everyone will want to share that time they hit the ‘post’ button a little too hastily.

Maybe the cavalry has arrived. In the shape of the new European data protection laws, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force next year.

Is the recruitment business ready for GDPR?

Most recruiters and employers will—or should—be aware of the impact GDPR could have.

For one thing, it’ll highlight the dubious, data-protected space that many recruiters and employers are venturing into. It may well spurn new rules and codes of practice, limiting how much information can be gathered without permission.

In a BBC interview, Peter Church of law firm, Linklaters, suggested that the introduction of GDPR would add another hurdle to the recruitment process as it currently stands: “In theory, all employers should be following these basic rules but, in practice, I’m not sure they do. The GDPR might force employers to be a bit more diligent about compliance with the rules.”

All of which makes Vidu, the new digital recruitment platform, even more appealing.

The platform enables candidates and employers to create profiles using video and social media. Users can link their social media activity in a tailored way, so that posts enhance their profile rather than diminish it.

The key difference is that they will be doing it willingly, and in a controlled manner.

Like someone showing you around their home: they stop short of showing you under the bed or in their drawers.

Vidu. A recruitment platform with personality!

With the daily explosion of data being posted to social media channels, recruiters, employers and candidates will expose more information about themselves.

Managing that data is the challenge. If side-stepping new regulations is to be another headache, then Vidu provides the perfect pain relief.

A digital, responsive, video-enabled recruitment platform full of real personality!
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