Whatever the role that’s waiting to be filled, the ultimate aim of recruitment is to find a candidate who fits your business and that means above all else, it’s about people.

The increased use of technology has undoubtedly changed the face of recruitment, especially post-pandemic, allowing automation to take on some of the heavy lifting. Digitisation in place of traditional hiring methods has helped speed up applications, which is an obvious plus for job-seekers and businesses and keep candidates updated more easily on how their application is progressing.

Tech solutions like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have also made it simpler, especially in the early CV stage, to eliminate the unqualified ‘might just have a go’ job hunters that all recruiters know only too well. By searching online CVs for key skills and job titles, ATS can help narrow down the pool and rank those who are decent prospects.

But for all the many advantages and positives that technology brings, there’s one major factor that it lacks: the human one. If recruitment is all about people, which it is, then alongside the digital input there really needs to be a human touch to it. The challenge for businesses is in achieving that balance and coming up with a hybrid that delivers on both.

Vidu is centred around the digital element of recruitment, but because our pre-interview video CVs allow recruiters to see, hear, and hopefully get a better understanding of a candidate, we don’t sacrifice the human involvement that’s valued by both sides.

Industry research shows 50% of UK job seekers still prefer human interaction when they’re looking for a job, rather than doing it all online, not least because it gives them a chance to express future potential rather than focusing on past achievements. Two-thirds (64%) believe video interviews have had a positive impact on the interview and hiring experience and nearly half (48%) say that including video as part of an application makes them feel more confident that they can present the best version of themselves.

Rely too heavily on tech alone to sift through candidates and you could run the risk of letting the perfect one slip through the net, either because they haven’t been able to show everything they have to offer, or they’ve been put off from applying in the first place.

Applicants and businesses need to feel equally confident in the process – on the one side to have the opportunity to express themselves beyond qualifications, and on the other that there’s an opportunity to pick up on in-person nuances like personality, ambition and potential.

In recruitment, where people are the most important factor, it makes sense to use a platform that doesn’t leave them out of the equation. Vidu is a bespoke recruitment solution that has the flexibility to fit your business needs.

Discover how the right balance of tech and human touch could help you find the right candidate by speaking to us today.

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