The power of storytelling using video is putting visual content higher up the priority list for people wanting to get their message heard above the increase in online ‘noise’.

In an age when over 300 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute, Facebook experiences a 95% rise in the use of video and Snapchat has 100 million daily users, it’s surprising that there’s so little use of video in recruiting.

New video recruitment platform Vidu, has stepped into the breach.  

Vidu’s innovative, digitally-savvy and market-focused offering has launched in the Logistics market and is rolling out rapidly across other sectors.

Vidu recognises the untapped potential of visual ‘storytelling.’ The fact that 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual; we’re biologically programmed to respond to people’s faces and each of us is capable of over 5,000 facial expressions—expressing depth of meaning in milliseconds.

Recruiters and candidates spend hours trawling through email, InMail and social recruiting messaging every day. Yet the most important content they need to make a better judgment is missing. Things like tone of voice, colour, expression and emotion.

It’s why today’s leading brands engage in visual storytelling. It’s a simple truth that the more senses your content can engage, the more information will be retained.

Why leave your job search or candidate selection to your imagination?

There’s another reason video is raising the bar.

Recruiters and candidates are marketing themselves. Ambitious companies need to attract top candidates. Likewise, candidates need to tell a standout story to secure the best jobs.

Video turns off the filters, it provides the ‘inside view’ and enables a quasi-interview to take place. A virtual one-to-one that helps match recruiter with candidate.

Saving time, money and disappointment.

Chris Murphy, author of Glassdoor For Employers puts it simply:

“Feature your employees with videos and photos to build a foundation of trust with your candidates and make it easier for them to picture themselves working for your company and with its people.”

If you’ve a story you need to tell, you need video. And if you’re in the job market, you need Vidu.
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