Successfully recruiting and retaining the right people for your business are two key factors which most influence the performance and reputation of an organisation.

With many global issues currently restricting companies’ ability to secure the best candidates – the war in Ukraine, the continuing Brexit effect, and the squeeze on the jobs market in some sectors post-Covid – it can feel like the biggest challenges are out of your control.

But there are some factors which can have just as significant an impact on the hiring process and are far simpler to counter.

Getting the right candidate’s attention
There are currently more vacancies than candidates in a lot of departments within logistics, and therefore you need to be able to get your business and your position heard above the noise. You need the right people to recognise exactly what you do and why you’d be a great next employer before they consider joining you.
How to overcome? Strong branding of your company and clear messaging about the culture, and the specific role, will enable you and your vacancy to stand out from the crowd.

Wasting time and resources on unsuitable candidates
An ideal recruitment process is about quality over quantity, but that’s not always easy to achieve. When you’re up against a shortage of qualified candidates you can’t afford to squander valuable time and resources wading through and dismissing applications which just don’t meet your requirements.
How to overcome? Being clear in your job description and using a professional service like Vidu to search, vet and shortlist will help you to find the right fit first time.

Attracting passive as well as active candidates
Active candidates will be on the look-out, it’s simply a question of grabbing their attention. It’s not so easy with passive candidates even though they could be the ones you really want. Top talent with sought-after skills may not be considering a move so you might need a pro-active acquisition strategy to attract them.
How to overcome? Don’t wait for a potential hire to come to you, go to them – and by finding out more about them, you can target an approach in a way that makes your position more appealing than any other.

Making a hire fast, without mistakes
When a crucial position opens up, the pressure is on to find a replacement quickly because unfilled vacancies can be disruptive and costly to a business. That’s also when you’re most likely to make a mis-hire caused by panic. Don’t abandon a thorough recruitment process in favour of saving time.
How to overcome? Streamline your hiring process to only the necessary stages and make sure you tightly target the search. By narrowing down your candidate pipeline, you’re far more likely to make the right hire faster.

At Vidu, our platform not only helps you to get your vacancy out there and in front of top talent, but we also use our industry knowledge and network of candidates to make the task of finding a good match much more time-efficient, effective and even enjoyable for both the candidate and the hiring manager.

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