The rise and rise of the Video CV.

You’ve heard of video CV. And you’re up to speed with the fact that over 50% of all internet traffic is online video.

So why, when you’re looking for a job—or recruiting a top candidate—does video not really figure?

What’s so difficult about using video in recruitment?

Is it because the concept is new to the jobs industry as a whole? Or are people a tad nervous about sitting in front of a camera?

Recruitment innovator, Vidu is changing all that. With the brilliantly simple idea of combining a person or a company’s profile together with a video, and their social media—rolled into one, easily accessible online account.

It’s got to be the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting.

The interview before the interview?

Vidu maintains that video is one certain way to make your profile stand head and shoulders above the rest.

A recent survey by in America revealed that 81% of employers had never seen a video résumé from a candidate. Though they did expect to see a big shift towards video—especially among younger, tech-savvy job-seekers.

Nearly two-thirds of employers said they would view a video out of “sheer curiosity.”

The unswerving trend for video is upwards. Those recruiters and job-seekers who embrace the idea now and open a Vidu account, are sure to be a big step ahead of their rivals.

For employers, the chances are you’ll spend a lot less time scouring paper CVs and interviewing unsuitable candidates.

For candidates, you’ll know that when you’re called for interview, you’ve got a really good chance of securing the job. Because your prospective employer will already have a feel for your talent and personality from your profile. It’ll certainly makes you less nervous about meeting them.

A professional-looking video from the convenience of your mobile

So just how easy is the video part?

These days, it should be as simple as picking up your mobile. The abundance of cheap, easy-to-use cameras built into mobiles, along with readily-available video-editing software, means even the most tech-averse of us can quickly put together a short ‘elevator-pitch’ and upload it to the rest of your profile.

Vidu’s website has a ‘Help Hub’ with advice on how to create a professional-looking video and how to create a strong profile.

So get ahead of the game, and get recording! It can be a fun thing to do and it’s sure to get you noticed.

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