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£50,000 - £60,000

Trade Compliance Manager – Heathrow

Closing Date: 24th July 2024

Vidu Group

About this position

Vidu are running a search for a Trade Compliance Manager on behalf of a Global Logistics Company. The role is to assist in ensuring that our client meets its obligation to comply with all their policies and all applicable laws and regulations.

Our client has engaged with Vidu VIP to carry out the initial search process.

Vidu’s team of dedicated consultants will be your first point of contact when applying for this role.

General Description:

Serve as the primary resource for Trade Compliance.

Proactively communicate and closely coordinate with RTCM, branch management, and the Director of Trade Compliance (DTC).

Keep our client informed of current and proposed laws, regulations, directives, rules, and policies applicable to the relevant governing Trade Compliance regarding the industry in general.

Maintain knowledge about our clients operating systems, including (but not limited to) GCI, CFIT, EDMS, and ETMS and how those systems support the Company’s ongoing Trade Compliance goals and objective.

Communicate regularly with RTCM, branch management and DTC to ensure consistent and accurate messaging, any material changes, and implementation of Trade Compliance goals and objective.

Manage Trade Compliance programs including training, monitoring, assessing, escalation and guiding employees on Trade Compliance.

Primary Duties and Functional Responsibilities:

Create a Tone of Compliance Messaging in Branches.

Communicate and promote a positive environment in each branch or location that is easy to understand and solutions-oriented.

Be an outward example of Trade Compliance as a valuable, integral part of quality customer service and our clients business success.

Establish, promote, and maintain collaborative working relationships.

Foster an environment of uniform compliance by implementing best practices in Trade Compliance, as directed by his/her RTCM.

Lead by example, be consistent, and communicate with the RTCM and DTC, as required.

Assess and Train.

Serve as an instructor for at least 50% of annual training credits.

Administer and execute the Company Trade Compliance program according to its objectives, policies and procedures.

In coordination with the RTCM and DTC, the DTCM you will:

Visit branches regularly to deliver training to help develop and maintain aptitude in Trade Compliance and demonstrate how quality, compliance and customer service are intertwined;

Train branch personnel on Company escalation procedures;

Periodically assess branch personnel on Trade Compliance issues to help employees develop and maintain aptitude in Trade Compliance areas; and timely inform the RTCM of any deficiencies identified in training, file reviews or assessments.

Monitor and Report on Branch Workflow.

Assess preventive and non compliance detection measures and report to the RTCM regularly.

Monitor, assess (or participate in assessing), and implement corrective actions as instructed.

Run daily, weekly, and monthly import/export compliance reports and report any anomalies according to escalation procedures.

In coordination with the RTCM and DTC, the DTCM will:

Implement preventive controls and detection monitoring in accordance with Company policy and all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and directives; and assess preventive and noncompliance detection measures.

Understand performance of all departments related to Trade Compliance activities.

Escalate and Remediate.

Follow Company escalation procedures to resolve any non-compliance identified through any means (regular reports, monitoring, disclosure, Govt. visit etc.)

Provide regular updates to DM, RTCM, and Product Managers on branch performance, any red flags, legislative changes, policies, procedures, rules or regulation amendments, and related issues/questions.

Assist with implementing any remediation plan for corrective action to resolve instances of non-compliance with applicable Trade laws, rules, regulations, and/or directives that is identified through any method, including monitoring, as instructed by RTCM or DTC.

Stay Current on Subject Matter.

Keep informed of all applicable Trade Compliance laws, rules, regulations and directives and communicate any changes to the DTC and RTCM.

In coordination with RTCM, the DTCM will:

Prioritise annual training on emerging issues in Trade Compliance to meet the ongoing obligation to be a SME in Trade Compliance and actively participate in the continued training of staff in the area of Trade Compliance.

Support and implement Company-wide Trade Compliance effort by installing, reviewing, assessing, and reporting on preventive measures and detection monitors, and review with Department Managers and all key personnel, audit results and other findings from centralised expo and other reports; forward findings to the RTCM and DTC for trend analysis and improvement opportunities, as required.

Be a resource for all employees to support branch Trade Compliance.

Create Customer Value.

Serve as a resource for branch meetings, sales meetings, and sales calls to create awareness of our Trade Compliance program with customers.

Reinforce our strategic differentiators to demonstrate our commitment to 100% Trade Compliance.

In conjunction with Service Provider Management and Product teams, review, assess and potentially audit high risk service providers, ensuring Service Providers meet their compliance commitments to our client.

Skills and experience required

A passion for Trade Compliance and doing the right thing.

Proficient in English.

A minimum of three (3) years experience in a similar role.

Demonstrated understanding of applicable Trade Compliance laws and regulations.

Training for Sanctioned and Embargoed Countries, Denied Party Screening, and Export Controls Awareness, under U.S. law and the laws of other jurisdictions that have implemented U.N. Sanctions.

Strong familiarity with, and continued pursuit of proficiency in our clients operating systems, including GCI, CFIT, EDMS, ETMS, and, where applicable, third-party systems used to conduct our clients transactions.

Completion of Conflict of Interest Questionnaire and clearance of Company Executive Conflict of Interest check.

Passing score on the IATA/FIATA examination.

DG certification(s).

Security Protocol training: C-TPAT, AEO, STP, or other security protocol, as applicable.

Product- or Service-specific export, import and/or operational training/certification.

Customs Broker license (U.S.) or similar non-U.S. country license, where available.