‘Word of mouth’ and ‘face-to-face’ communication is the most engaging and persuasive way to get your message across.

Yet these two successful communication methods have been generally ignored by 95% of the job market to date. It’s certainly a struggle to communicate emotion, personality and character in a CV. No matter how good the structure, layout and content.

Which is why the Vidu proposition of ‘bringing recruitment to life’ is literally that.

For the very first time, there’s a recruitment platform that fully supports and integrates the use of video.

So now people in the job market can express themselves fully—showing their enthusiasm, professionalism and communication skills through a well thought out video.

Both recruiters and candidates can upload videos of their ‘elevator pitch’, whether that’s to promote a vacancy or look for a job.

It’s no idle boast that video can transform the job market.

According to Zenith’s recently published Online Video Forecasts 2017, global consumers will spend an average of 47.4 minutes a day viewing videos online this year, up from 39.6 minutes in 2016.

Video is like a virtual interview. It’s much easier for an employer to assess a living, breathing candidate through video than by reading an inanimate CV.

And Vidu supports its members with clear guidance—and a ‘Help Hub’—on how to create a simple, yet engaging, candidate or employer video.

In a couple of years, mobile devices will account for 72 percent of all online video viewing and in a burgeoning job market, recruiters and candidates simply need to be using it.

Jonathan Barnard, Head of Forecasting and Global Intelligence for Zenith goes further:

“Online video gives brands the opportunity to use powerful digital technologies to engage with consumers as individuals, not demographics, in the sort of high-engagement environment that makes TV advertising so effective.”

In the recruitment business, to succeed means more than ever, embracing change and looking for ways to attract the best candidates and retain them.

Vidu enables employers to reduce time wasted in spurious interviews and accelerates the process of drawing up a top-notch shortlist.

For job seekers, the platform will provide a perfect way to deliver an effective presentation of a candidate’s skills, aspirations and motivations. Leading to more rewarding placements and longer term job satisfaction.

The rise of video is a testament to the power of the medium for telling stories and as far as recruitment goes, communicating in a more compelling and engaging way.

By ‘word of mouth’ and ‘face-to-face.’

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