Technology will affect not just jobs in tech, but ALL jobs.

Artificial intelligence is out there but thankfully, the task of recruiting the right candidate won’t ever be replaced by a robot.

However, the smart recruiters are the ones who embrace the power of technology to entice their candidates in the first place. They work with companies that wish to project their own image, culture and values, not simply the fact they have a vacancy in mind.

The process is subtle, psychometric and sensitive.

Which is why recruiters are beginning to use as many technological gizmos as they can, to ensure their efforts are accurate, informed and timely. They need to build up a fully-rounded picture of a candidate, which takes much more than an experienced interpretation of a paper CV.

It’s one reason why Vidu, the new recruitment platform which integrates video and social media, is proving so successful—despite being the ‘new kid on the block.’

Insight into a candidate’s social activity and the ability to review a video showing communication style and personality, gives recruiters a big boost in shortlisting for a vacancy.

In equal measure, Vidu’s ability to promote an employer’s brand, culture and working environment are key to a candidate’s decision-making. The platform brings together job-seeker and hirer through a more trusted ‘relationship.’ One where both parties can explore each other’s character and personality—avoiding awkward, frequently mis-matched interviews.

The stats back up the need for recruiters and employers to embrace technology.

A recent Office for National Statistics Survey revealed that 70% of job seekers use their mobile to look for a job, whereas only 47% of employers’ websites and application processes are mobile-enabled.

Vidu bridges the gap between candidates’ expectations and employers’ shortcomings. It’s the perfect platform for both to reach out and promote their respective strengths and opportunities.

As if the point needed stressing any further, the appeal of integrating social media into a profile is huge; considering that there’s been an increase of 440 million active users of social media in the past three years.

For candidates, employers and recruiters, technology can indeed make recruitment much easier—providing it’s embraced in the most effective way.

Recruitment marketing experts, Barclay Jones, expressed its vision of the future as follows: “Recruiters will need to really have a passion for recruitment and demonstrate it through their face to face and online activity. If they don’t seem to buy-in to recruitment as a critical service, it’ll be difficult to sell it as a critical service to their clients and talent.”

Users of Vidu’s online platform realise the potential of integrating technology. They’re at the leading edge of major changes in the recruitment business.

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