Hiring can be complex and time-consuming – and the pressure is on because not only do you want to attract and secure the best that’s out there, but you also want to avoid a bad hire at all costs. Bringing in the wrong candidate won’t just have financial implications in terms of wages, training and replacement, there’s the potential reputational damage to consider too.

One of the biggest issues with recruitment is the process itself. As any recruiter knows, CV fatigue is real – post any vacancy and you’re inevitably going to be inundated with responses from under-qualified or unsuitable applicants.

That makes the task of finding the candidate who really suits your role so much harder. There’s every chance that the one you want could get missed while you wade through a sea of speculative irrelevant CVs.

Then there’s the added complication of candidates who manage to present what appears to be an exemplary array of qualifications, experience and aspirations on paper, only to fail to live up to their early promise at a face-to-face interview stage.

Compiling a CV is a skill in itself, and it’s one which can be employed a little deceptively – essentially, what you see isn’t always what you get. It’s not hard to know the right things to say on a CV, those tips and tricks are readily available on the internet, so it’s a challenge to identify candidates who are actually what they appear to be.

Vidu’s innovative approach revolutionises recruitment, cutting through a lot of the time-wasting and uncertainty.

You’re not solely relying on a combination of intuition, reading between the lines, and probably quite a bit of luck, to zero in on the employee who genuinely best fits a position. Our video recruitment platform has been designed to give valuable transparency to the whole process, allowing recruiters to see exactly who candidates are and what they can bring to a role. Introductory videos showcase the ambition and skills of a person, so it’s far easier to tell if they’ll be a neat fit for a company’s culture.

On the flipside, businesses can use Vidu’s interactive profile tools to show prospective employees what to expect when they apply, so there’s absolute clarity and no surprises on either side. We work with leading global logistics businesses to help them find the top talent which will give them the edge over the competition. No more sifting through endless unsuitable applications, no more CV fatigue. We can offer vetting and shortlisting as part of our packages too.

Our approach is proven to increase employee retention rates because it significantly reduces the risk of bad hires – Vidu will power up your recruitment and help you get the right person first time, every time.

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