Starting a new job can feel daunting and exciting all at the same time. Sometimes anxious thoughts and overthinking can take over and consume how you feel about your new workplace and make it all seem a little less exciting…

Today’s blog is dedicated to you, the anxious but excited new starters that want to read a guide detailing how to start a new job successfully!

We have no doubt that you’d be absolutely fine starting your new job without this blog post, but reading over our top tips and confirming what you already know can alleviate the stress of it all.

Step 1. Be prepared

There is no right or wrong way to prepare for your new job. You just have to do what feels right for you! Whether that’s going through the company website, scrolling through social channels, looking at previous case studies/projects or even making sure you have the correct attire for your new workplace…

Our recommendations:
Read over your job description as a refresher and reminder about your responsibilities and expectations.
Check if you are required to bring in any documents e.g. P45 or your passport.

Step 2. Be punctual

Leave plenty (plenty!) of time to commute to your new job until you get to grips with timings – the last thing you want is to be late because not only will this raise a few eyebrows amongst your new colleagues but will leave you feeling stressed and flustered.

Our recommendations:
If you have the time, do a practice run of your commute – don’t leave it until your first day to plan and figure out where to go/how long it will take.

If you are working from home, log on early. There’s nothing worse than turning on your laptop at 8.58am and seeing that it needs to run a software update.

Step 3: Introduce yourself

Even if this feels you with dread, be proactive and make sure to introduce yourself to new colleagues. Your new manager should make the initial important introductions, but try to go a step further and get to know all the people you’ll be working with a bit better, whether that’s in a break room or in passing down the corridor.

Our recommendations:
Getting to know colleagues and joining in with conversations will help you to understand the culture of your new workplace a little bit better. It’s never easy being the new person no matter how old you are, so the quicker you’re able to feel comfortable and a part of the team the better it will be for you!

Your very first day will always make you feel a little bit uncertain even if you’ve already been in a similar situation on previous occasions – the unknown can be unnerving! If you haven’t already got an itinerary of your first day or you’re not sure where to meet your manager or even get in the building, just send over an email asking for some clarity on what to expect in your first week and request a meeting point – open communication is a great trait to have.

To round off this blog post, we wish you the best of luck in your new endeavour!

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