There are dozens of tips and tricks out there on how to come across well in an interview.

These range from the most common questions you might be asked; how you can create a good first impression; how to use positive body language and how to prepare for typical employer questions.

Everyone knows that the ‘human’ element is massive in an interview. The first impression when you walk into the room. The natural nervousness you feel. The mental ‘block’ you might experience when questioned. Your natural instinct to over-prepare, to regurgitate ‘stock’ answers to predictable questions—or to be over-effusive. Really, the interview can often be a ‘false’ representation of who you are. How much you want the job. Or how good a fit you’ll be.

But what if you’ve already presented yourself to an employer through a video and through a selection of your best social posts?

That’s the edge Vidu can give you.

An employer is already warmed up. They have a feel for what makes you tick. And they’ve ‘met’ you via your relaxed, conversational video.

In effect, your first interview is like a second one. And your chances of a good match are significantly enhanced.

From an employers’ perspective, Vidu enables a company to post a video about their business and the vacancy that’s being offered. Both of which will help attract the right sort of candidate from the outset.

Vidu Founder, Nicky Jones, is confidently predicting that Vidu will be a real game-changer in the rather staid, predictable recruitment industry. In her own words: “Vidu breaks the mould. It cuts through the long-winded process of sifting through endless paper CVs and time-consuming interviews. It’s the right time for an innovation.”

If you’re looking to prepare for an interview where you create a good, flowing interaction and a positive connection with the people on the other side of the desk, you can be more confident it’ll go well if you’ve got the power of Vidu behind you.
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