Prepping for an interview and starting to consider which questions you should ask your interviewer? You’re in the right place!

We’ve put together a selection of questions that can be applied to any interview, regardless of industry or seniority.

Select 3-5 of the following questions and you’ll be sure to leave a strong lasting impression…

Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of the role?

This might be a tricky question for the interviewer to sum up as typically no two days are the same but they should be able to give you an overview of your responsibilities/tasks.

The job description should include some valuable information for this question but it’s still important to clarify and confirm what will ACTUALLY be expected of you.

How could I impress you in the first three months?

A question that sets expectations and has the potential to demonstrate a healthy working environment or one to run a mile from…

Are there opportunities for training and progression within the role/company?

When starting a new role, development and advancement should be a priority. Your next opportunity should set out a development plan and be supportive of the next steps you want to take.

Where do you think the company is headed in the next five years?

Contemplating growth plans for your next role is a green flag for interviewers. This question demonstrates that you are interested in the future of the company whilst also uncovering potential opportunities for you.

Can you describe the working culture of the organisation?

A job description might sound like the perfect fit, but is the culture a perfect fit to your personality/how you like to work? The answer will hopefully highlight any red flags that you could face OR confirm that this company is the right fit for your next role!

What do you enjoy about your job?

We spend a lot of time at work so it is incredibly important to find enjoyment in what you do. No one is expecting you to enjoy every single second of a job, but you also don’t want to spend your evenings dreading the next day or counting down the hours until 5pm.

Can you tell me more about the team I would be working in?

This gives you an opportunity to find out who you will be working alongside day to day and learn more about the structure/dynamic of the team. Is there someone you will be reporting directly to, or will you have people reporting to you? A very valuable question to consider asking!


At no point in the interview process should you declare that you have no questions to ask – you should always be able to (at minimum) ask 2 questions. Having a pre-prepared list of questions demonstrates how well-prepared you are/how interested you are in the business and job!

We also advise steering clear of specific questions related to the job such as ‘what is the holiday allowance’ or ‘what is the salary’ etc. as there are plenty of opportunities to discuss this later on.

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