Over the past 2-3 years there has been a staggering shift towards virtual recruitment and how we work in general.

Arguably this has been accelerated by the pandemic and not having the resources or capability to rely on older forms of recruitment, but regardless of the lockdowns, laws and limitations, advanced tech and new mindsets surrounding the capabilities of productivity outside of the office have led to a huge uptake in employers looking to take their recruitment virtual/online.

In a previous blog we touched on trends for 2023 in the recruitment landscape, and a much-predicted focus for this year is the increase in an employee-centric culture. Companies are taking on board the new way of the world, whether that’s working remotely, flexi-time or virtual recruitment – there is ultimately an undeniable shift in how we recruit and work.

Join us as we dive deeper into the world of virtual recruitment and how it can expand your recruitment horizons in a way that was *potentially* never possible before…

We’ve touched a little on what virtual recruitment is, but to get straight to the point, virtual recruitment is an online hiring process conducted through a virtual platform that has many *many* advantages – such as:

● Reaching high calibre candidates that geography might have limited previously.
● Maximising the efficiency of employee recruitment which saves recruiters time.
● Keeping costs down as all steps of the process are conducted online.
● Staying reliable – recruiting online futureproofs your processes in case of difficult or remote situations.

Okay, so now you’re intrigued about virtual recruitment but how do you actually make your virtual recruitment a success? To elevate your offering and provide candidates with a good virtual experience, you will need to invest in the tech that houses the virtual element of it all. This is the foundation for which you find the future employees of your business so it is pretty important that you are using the right platform for your business culture, sector, and future goals.

As with every other recruitment process, whether that’s virtual or not, transparency and communication is key – you might be the ones hiring in this situation, but your candidates will also be deciphering whether your business is the right fit for them! Although virtual, recruitment still relies on the human element side of things…

With communication comes onboarding, but virtually/remote – although not in person, virtual onboarding can still be personable, professional and most importantly packed full of information about the job, the company culture, the people etc.

To sum things up, the tech behind your virtual recruitment is what will make the process the most successful – and luckily for you, we have just the platform to elevate your hiring process! Our innovative platform was created in the pre-pandemic world when we could already see the cracks in outdated recruitment so we are well-versed when it comes to recruiting virtually…With Vidu, hiring is faster, more effective and more successful!

Despite all the advantages of taking your hiring online, making the shift towards virtual recruitment was cited as the third biggest challenge facing employers, with 28% saying they expect to struggle – don’t face the challenges alone, Vidu’s recruitment tech is well established and we have 18+ years experience working in logistics recruitment representing some of the most innovative businesses in the world! To find out how we can work together, get in touch here.

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