It is so important for businesses to consider the wellbeing of employees.

As the lines continue to increasingly blur between work and life, the introduction of wellbeing perks should be considered. It can be SO hard to switch off and navigate a healthy balance, especially since remote working has been on the rise.

Not only do perks and benefits improve the mindset of your employees, but the result of a motivated and satisfied workforce will only positively impact your business and their output.

So, for a more productive team and high morale, consider introducing any of these perks:

Physical health benefits

Sometimes getting outside and spending time looking after your physical health just doesn’t top the priority list. And with a cost of living crisis, extra spends on a gym membership might be the first to go…

Consider partnering with local gyms to offer discounts on memberships for your employees.

Mental health benefits

There’s a lot to be said about the benefits of improving your physical health but sometimes spending time working on your mental health can have the most monumental change.

There are a couple of routes you can take with this one:

Coaching sessions

Workplace coaching should never be overlooked – the profound impact it can have on your employee’s career and development is pretty spectacular. Not only is it an opportunity to uncover more about how they learn or manage people, but it is also an opportunity to better understand themselves and put healthier practices in place.


Having someone to talk to and someone to listen can help an individual develop leaps and bounds.

Work-life balance benefits

Encouraging your employees to set boundaries between work and life is extremely worthwhile. You want your team to have the opportunity to fully shut off and still enjoy their lives!

Flexi-working is a great initiative to introduce to demonstrate that you recognise that life isn’t ALL about work.

There are different ends of the spectrum when it comes to setting flexi-working…Some businesses go all in and let their team set their hours, and others have introduced a 4-day working week, but you have to do what works best for your business. Perhaps an early finish on a Friday or allowing your team to start early and finish early.

You set the limits of the flex but it can be a really great perk to offer.

Ultimately, if you look after your team and approach their wellbeing as if it were your own, you’re bound to figure out the best perks and benefits for your business and employees.

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